Petty Herbalist

Two Black herbalists and Bougie Aunties help you discern the real shit from the bullshit in food and herbs. Come share in the belovedness of Karina Desroses and Asia Dorsey as they explore food science and medicine making at the intersection of ancestral reverence, ecology and cultures of healing justice Support:

account-able: bougie aun-TEA time dicussing sacred facts

Hey Niblings, Join your aunties, having Bougie Aun-TEA time, where we discuss the episodes in the Sacred Fats series! It’s one of our favorite rituals; to reflect on what was said, to laugh, and at times fix, correct or take accountability for any mistakes made in recording or relaying information. Sacred Fats was such a great series and we got a lot out of it. Hope y’all did too. Let us know if y’all have any feedback or questions for us!

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there is a balm in gilead: medicine making with fat pt. 4

Hey baes, Get your notes app ready because we’re giving y’all some of our fave ways to use infused oils, such as in balms, ointments, soaps, etc. I hope we’ve done our job convincing y’all how magical and sacred these fats are! If you haven’t, make some fat medicine today!! Bless yourself and a friend!

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call in the strong arm (infused oils): medicine making with fat pt.3

Ay bay bay, You already know, ya bougie aunties are continuing the Sacred Fats series, walking you through making an infused oil, but this time with dried herbs/plants. We want y’all to know why dried plants are used and some of the benefits they provide versus fresh plants. Get your crockpots ready, and make a dried herb infused oil today. Remember, we have a clove oil recipe right on the IG!

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Healing Black Futures

Welcome to Healing Black Futures, a podcast envisioning Black liberation and healing through economic justice, brought to you by by herbalist Asia Dorsey, the podcast features interviews with people leading the liberatory path forward.

Reparations and Financial Justice with Enith Williams of the Reparations Finance Lab

Financial justice is an important element of the movement for reparations, given this country’s history of slavery and the many years of Black codes and Jim Crow laws, which effectively blocked Black economic progress for generations. As a result, Black wealth is now just 1/10th that of white wealth.

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Reparations, Transportation and Infrastructure with Kristen Jeffers

Transportation and Infrastructure justice is an important element of the movement for reparations, given this country’s history of bisecting and destroying communities of color through the construction of highways, light rail and other transportation systems. Now, generations later, Black urbanists are bringing a reparative lens to urban planning that literally heals the scars of racism in urban cities, undoing decades of structural exclusion.

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Reparations, Liberation and Black Spiritual Traditions with Joy Tabernacle Kmt

Restoring Black access to indigenous African spiritual traditions is an important element of the movement for reparations, given this country’s history of using faith to subjugate Black people during and after the enslavement era.Repairing what’s broken requires both an understanding of this history as well as a vision of the liberation that’s possible when African spiritual traditions are restored.

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